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BSA Rifle Scopes
Some of the more popular BSA rifle scopes are the Catseye models. These are benjamin 392 review mainly used for shooting targets that are located at a relatively close distance. Whether you mainly engage in close range shooting or you are thinking about supplementing your scope collection with something that is different, the Catseye scope will not disappoint. Trying to shoot targets that are close by can be hard and frustrating with a scope that has a large magnification, so this BSA rifle scope is ideal. However, the wonders do not end there. This scopes also comes with a reticle that is illuminated, which means that you can shoot even when it is relatively dark.
Another interesting and convenient feature of these Catseye BSA scopes, is that it strivesto have a large eye relief so that recoil is no problem. As a hunter or shooter, you may be aware of the detrimental effects of recoil on the shots you take. Extensive tests have been performed on the Catseye models, and each time these BSA rifle scopes have managed to withstand a lot of recoil.
If you are worried about the costs associated with getting yourself one, then take a look at the Sweet 17 model. The costs of these BSA rifle scopes lie between a mere $40 and about $125. The difference in price is due to the features available. Generally, you would find a power of about 12 x 44mm as well as a 50mm lens. BSA scopes for $40 have a 4 x 32mm power whereas a scope for about $100 will give you 3012 40mm. These Sweet 17 models are also easy to use as there are top turrets that can be adjusted in a simple manner, as well as target grade turrets.
So, whether you are looking for a top of the range rifle scope or you want something a little less excessive and less expensive, you should definitely go through the collection of BSA rifle scopes. As stated before, the high quality and excellent features will not disappoint, regardless of the type of shooting you are going to do.
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